The Five Edges of Modern Education

There has been a significant amount of dialogue about the future of education and what constitutes a modern learning environment. After much deliberation, research and practice, it seems the Five Edges of Modern Education are positive psychology as it relates to education, student agency, the types of projects and work students are expected to complete, the structures and routines that foster modern learning, and opportunities where we can provide an authentic voice for our students. However, what do these conversations of the ‘Five Edges’ look like on the ground in your classroom or school? This session will allow participants to discuss, share, and consider their own approach to teaching and learning in our current realities. In this session we will discover how the five embracing edges of modern education can help us not only to design, but to implement and support modern teaching and learning.

Session Audience 

Whole School 

Session Goals 

  • To develop our own understanding of the value and purpose of a modern learning environment.
  • To consider and practice various routines, structures and frameworks for modern learning.
  • To discover opportunities to bring modern learning into your own contexts.
  • To provide our students with choice and voice in the ideas, projects and manners of communication.
    Plan how to organize and support modern learning projects within your school.
  • Construct and implement new vision for student projects/presentations that embrace student-choice, voice and authentic audiences.


  • Meet new people, develop new relationships, and witness the power of relationships in a modern learning environment.

  • Experience modern learning structures and routines that can be used in your class.

  • Apply modern learning strategies to your own contexts and curriculum.

  • Learn from and with participants.

About Sean

Sean Walmsley is a iLearning Coach at American International School – Riyadh. iLearning is a learning philosophy that focuses on individual student interests, imagination, innovation and independent learning journeys. An iLearning Integration Coach supports, facilitates, models and inspires innovative teaching and learning practices. Sean’s educational endeavors include creating large-scale performing arts video projects ( such as AIS-R Grade 5 Lip Dub, AIS-R K-12 Lip Dub, #thisismyschool and G5 Rewind, directing TEDxYouth@AISR, #thisismyschool Film Festival and and presenting on transformational technology integration, Anything TV and the importance of student-directed learning.