Using Codeblocks in Tinkercad – who knew 3D design could be so fun!

Session AudienceĀ 

Whole School

A laptop (chromebook, PC, or MAC is fine) or an iPad with TINKERCAD app installed is REQUIRED

Session GoalsĀ 

Understand how to use codeblocks in Tinkercad to design a 3D object (animation)

Session Outcomes

  • An overview understanding of how a teacher can set up Tinkercad to use with a class
  • practice making a basic 3D design by putting shapes together like building blocks
  • practice playing with coding to build the object as an animation
  • discover how fun working in 3D is!
  • hands-on session

About Sarah

Sarah is a technology and Innovation Coach at the international School of Tashkent in Uzbekistan. Previously, she was an MYP Design teacher at the International School of Amsterdam; she is both a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer and holds a Masters of Science in Education in K-12 Technology Integration. She is passionate about making a connection between tactile and digital learning experiences. Twitter: @placeomanytrees