Rising to the Challenge:  Seeking Equity and Diversity in International Schools

Participants will reflect on their school’s mission statement in terms of inclusion, equity and diversity; whether or not they are achieving their mission; and look for evidence of that achievement.  We will discuss the need for conscious equity work in policy, curriculum, and lived practice. How can schools articulate these values and ensure that all voices are respected and heard? We will engage in activities that address identity and bias.

Session Audience 

Whole School

Session Goals 

  • Truly living our international school mission involves constant work and reflection.
  • Conversations around diversity are challenging, but can lead to powerful school transformation.
  • Diversity work can be beneficial at every level, from early childhood to secondary school.
  • All learners in schools will benefit from this work.
  • Understand that diversity concerns are child protection concerns.
  • Know this work is our responsibility as educators in international schools.


  • Reflect on and evaluate their school’s success in this area.
  • Explore their own cultural identity.
  • Consider the role unconscious bias plays in our perspective.
  • Practice strategies to engage in challenging conversations around race, gender, sexual orientation, faith.
  • Explore literature that can be used for all ages to begin these conversations.

About Linda

Linda Maley has been teaching internationally for 20 years on 4 continents.  Her experience ranges from teaching secondary IB and AP Literature, to serving as Library Media Specialist for all grade levels (early childhood to secondary).  She has served as AP Coordinator, CAS Coordinator, Head of Libraries and various other leadership positions. Her current focus is on Equity and Diversity work and she serves as the Coordinator of the Equity and Diversity Committee at Zurich International School. 
Linda has presented on this topic at ECIS conferences and Learning 2, and is coordinating professional development in Diversity at ZIS.   She is continually learning in this area and others. Her personal commitment to the work is inspired by her daughter who is Ethiopian and amazing.