The Power of Narrative: Telling Stories with Technology

We tell stories to connect and make sense of a complex world. As educators, we recognize the power of storytelling to nurture and inspire our students into becoming thinkers, creatives and problem-solvers. How might we bridge the gap between traditional literacy skills and visual storytelling to promote literacy and personal expression across subject areas?

Bring either your phone, iPad and/or laptop to explore how digital technologies can harness the creation of eye-catching stories and provide authentic learning experiences for you and your students!

This hands-on workshop will zoom in on the use of iOS and Android cameras to produce and refine visual stories with attention to composition and quality in photography and video making. We will discuss tips and strategies to guide students in the creation process, while focusing on our own skill development as storytellers. We will also explore modern video techniques such as cinemagraphs, gifs, hyperlapses, and stop motion animation to expand our digital tool repertoire and tell multi-purpose, powerful stories of learning.

Session Audience 

Whole School 

Session Goals 

In this session, we will gain greater insight into how digital stories amplify learning opportunities and promote creative expression in the classroom and beyond. Participants will explore the affordances of their mobile devices paired with free digital applications to practice composition techniques that can both enable and enhance the act of producing rich, multi-purpose audiovisual pieces.


  • Discover composition techniques and how they apply to photography and vide

  • Explore the affordances of mobile cameras and learn editing tips to enhance our in-the-moment documentation

  • Select a tool to produce and edit a personal or content area story

  • Share and discuss tips and strategies to make the most of these projects in the classroom

  • Take home a digital storytelling toolkit that can be used with other learners right away.

About Gitane 

Gitane Reveilleau is a Technology Integration Specialist, Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Innovator currently at the American International School of Bucharest.

G, as she is known by most friends and colleagues, is a curious learner and dedicated cross-pollinator of ideas, always on the lookout for purposeful ways in which balanced, meaningful and authentic technology can bolster, enhance, and extend an individual’s learning and global reach.