Amplifying Collective Teacher Efficacy: How to Develop a Culture of Best Practice around Education Technology.

During the first half of the session, participants will become members of an impromptu working group “The Hive.” We’ll do activities with them to build our team and begin our “action-research” by looking at how technology is used at Learning2 with the ultimate goal of creating a document that describes our recommended Best Practices to get the most out of Learning2. The second half will move more explicitly into how to effectively build this type of team and keep it engaged by making its work goal-oriented (analysis), action-based (protocol development) and result-driven (review and modification). The need is apparent, as we all have a lot of committee level discussion and training about initiatives, but how do we actually create a culture of best practice around innovative thinking so we can lift everyone up and make it self-sustaining? How do we develop Collective Teacher Efficacy in our schools? This is a workshop that will take you through how to do just that.

Session Audience 

Whole School

Session Goals 

  • Realize the power of Collective Teacher Efficacy in promoting teacher-led change and gain an understanding of why it has the biggest effect on student learning of all other factors in Hattie’s meta-analysis
  • Engage in processes through which Collective Teacher Efficacy can be developed, fostered and sustained in schools
  • Develop a mini-action research report around Learning2 as a proxy for initiating a similar working group in your own organization


  • Participate in a review of what affects student learning and how CTE has the effect it does
  • Engage in an act of CTE to understand how it works and how to use it
  • Realize the power of CTE through the production of action research that can be used to understand and improve an organization

About David

David is the EdTech Coordinator at the International School Basel. Fascinated by education and technology, David is interested in finding new and innovative ways of enhancing learning effectively and generally pushing all the buttons he can find … if he can get away with it. After-hours, he is an avid blockchain enthusiast and politics wonk. David holds an Ed.D in Organizational Leadership with a focus in Instructional Technology and wrote his dissertation on the Social Identity of Third Culture Kids Online.