Augmented Reality Presentations – How to have your students present using Augmented Reality on Monday

Session Audience 

Whole School 

Session Goals 

Using the free (or paid) version of CoSpaces, we’ll quickly learn the tool as a presentation tool for students of all grade levels. We will also understand and appreciate the potential of VR and AR as current and upcoming presentation tools.

Session Outcomes

Participants  will create and present a story about their lives by using Augmented Reality with CoSpaces . This will be presented quickly as an Augmented Reality experience in front of the entire workshop.

About Clint

Clint Carlson is the Education Technology Coordinator at the Istanbul International School (IICS. He has been leading a powerful Augmented/Virtual Reality program across all grades and subjects to better enhance student demonstration of learning through new ways to communicate, make and engage. Prior to IICS, Clint was the Assistant Director of Technology at the American Embassy School in New Delhi India where he started pivoted his career into education after time with World Health Organization and the 3D printing industry. Clint is passionate about education being the “source code” for improving the world through innovative problem solving and altruism via technologies integration into all areas of pedagogy.