Problem Solving Across the Curriculum

Session Audience

Whole School

Session Goals

The design cycle aids critical thinking and the creative process. In this session you will learn the practical techniques and tools your pupils can use as they journey through all four elements of the design cycle (investigation, design, create and evaluate). You will understand how you can use the tools and resources provided in your own learning environment to enable students to problem solve creatively.

Session Outcomes

As a group we will work through examples of how the tools and resources can be used – to better understand how they work. Look at personal units and identify how aspects of the design cycle can be used in our own learning spaces. Identify tools and resources that you can use to help develop your program.

About Cate

For the last 18 years I have been passionate about teaching Technology to secondary school students. Having being fortunate to teach in the UK and Internationally, I have an understanding of the complexities of bringing problem solving skills into the classroom. Recently my goal has been to concentrate on the purposeful teaching of creativity and problem solving as soft skills in my classroom. Aside from teaching I am a technology coach. This enables me to work alongside staff to integrate technology into their teaching no matter what stage they are on their SAMR journey. I am currently based in the International school of Zug and Luzern, being lucky enough to live in the centre of Switzerland helps me to get outside and reboot.