Why Formative Assessment has failed

Session Audience 

Whole School 

Session Goals 

  • A clear understanding of the PURPOSE of assessment review of two essential models of how learning happens.
  • An understanding of the essential elements of effective assessment and feedback.
  • Why a 3R model is essential if assessment is to be growth orientated.
  • Knowing what is and isn’t formative assessment.
  • Understanding the value of Retrieval Practice in building competency.

Session Outcomes

I present using a series of provocations. Share how you learn. Vote for which method is most effective etc. Plan a simple action step to take from the event.

About Adrian

Adrian von Wrede-Jervis has been teaching for over 25 years. He moved to Germany 10 years ago working for Bavarian International School gAG as Assistant Principal & International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Coordinator, Director of Studies & TOK Coordinator and Director of Continuum Learning. Recently Adrian’s focus has been on how schools can adapt to the changing needs of our current social and economic context. Adrian is a trained and active ACE accreditation visitor and has a practical understanding of what constitutes a transformative learning community. Adrian dreams of an education system that develops interdisciplinary conceptual understanding, enables effective and informed inquiry and that supports the growth of a holistic range of learner competencies.