Digital planning

Session Audience 

Whole School 

Session Goals 

The goal is to make teachers aware of an online tool called ‘Planboard’ by Chalk . This free online tool has made it possible for me to stay on top of my lesson planning which has made me a more efficient and thoughtful teacher. During my session, teachers will become familiar with this tool and its capabilities (linking to Google Drive Documents, sharing with colleagues)

Session Outcomes

Participants will be signing into and setting up their digital planbook. Together I will show them how to set up their classes as well as get started with this tool. They will learn the different ways in which this can be used to organize their lesson plans and how they can transfer these plans to the following school year.

About Jara

Jara Koy teaches Secondary Math at BIS. She has been working at BIS for three years and previously worked in schools in Asia and the Middle East. She is passionate about engaging students in the learning and consistently strives to change negative attitudes towards Mathematics to positive. She is always willing to try new technology in her classroom and believes that the tools we use should make our jobs more efficient and organised.

About Karoli

Karoli Melwani is the Educational Technology Specialist at BIS and teaches Grade 7 Science and Wellness. She has been working at BIS for three years and has worked previously at 4 different International Schools. Karoli is positive, helpful and enjoys working with her colleagues.