Alexa Mazarakis

We know that when we as educators give students opportunities to combine their learning with their passions, we amplify student engagement.  This session will provide a framework for planning and implementing meaningful curricular, co-curricular, and pastoral learning around global issues.

This is a hands-on session in which participants will take part in activities that they can then adapt to be used in their desired learning context.  As such, participants will be given access to all slides, materials, and examples used in the session via a Google Site.

Session Audience 

Whole School 

Session Goals 

  • Educational tools to explore them
  • A framework for embedding global issues in curricular, co-curricular, and pastoral contexts
  • The belief that putting global issues at the center of student learning can be both intuitive, practical, and meaningful


  • Explore global issues as a medium for authentic learning
  • Engage in a series of learning activities that can be used by participants to suit a variety of global issues and learning contexts (ES/MS, MS/HS, curricular, co-curricular, pastoral)
  • Plan a learning activity, lesson, project, or community initiative to bring back to their classroom or school.

About Alexa 

Alexa is an English teacher at the International School Basel. Formerly a Grade Level Coordinator in the pastoral care program at International School Manila, Alexa is interested in finding new and innovative ways to make learning engaging, authentic, and meaningful.  When not teaching, she enjoys exploring her own personal learning passions as a novice cook and foodie and formally trained yogi.