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PreConference sessions at Learning2 offer participants a chance to take an in-depth look at various topics, with a focus on hands-on and active learning that is difficult to do in shorter sessions.

These sessions are designed to be facilitated in active groups. The minimum number of participants required is approximately 8 and the maximum number will vary based on the precon presenter. If your selected preconference does not have the minimum number of participants then it will be cancelled and you will have the option of selecting another session or receiving a full refund.

Elizabeth Perry

Wearable Tech: Bringing Theory to Life

Whole Schol

Alexa Mazarakis

Working with Global Issues to Amplify Student Learning

Whole School

Tico Oms

The First 100 Days of Leadership

Whole School

Jancey Clark

Making Mathematics Sustainable

Elementary & Middle School

To be revealed soon !



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