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International School of Luxembourg

March 22nd-24th 2018

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Participants first

Learning2 is a conference by teachers – for teachers.  We are always looking to create conference we want to attend ourselves!

Re-Think Education

A conference experience
that makes you rethink education

Shared Learning

The conference where the narrative matters: come share your story of learning with us

Thursday Social – ‘A Taste of Luxembourg’

What better introduction to a country than through its local products? Luxembourg is well known for its many vineyards, breweries and culinary specialities and, in fact, boasts the largest number of Michelin starred restaurants per capita and per square meter in the world! Come and join ISL’s Luxembourgish staff who are pleased to prepare some tongue-twisting traditional dishes for this casual, networking event.  Bernard Massard, the main producer of traditional method sparkling wines in Luxembourg, will take you on a tour of the local wine country with two sommeliers who will explain their award winning sparkling and still wines. If you prefer grain to grapes, the Brasserie Nationale will provide a range of beers to try, including the well-known Bofferding and Battin.  With over 200 years of history, they know a thing or two about brewing beer. Chefs from around the country will provide sampling of some of the best Luxembourgish cuisine. Musical accompaniment will be provided by the ISL Staff Band, Fuzz Tank.









36 Boulevard Pierre Dupong,
1430 Luxembourg District, Luxembourg

Illuminate the Learning

After 10 years of Learning 2 innovate, engage, collaborate, illustrate, navigate, network, and connect, we need to ask: what’s next?

If schools shape the agenda of the future, come and learn how a conference for educators, by educators can help you think critically about the decade to come.


What will be illuminated?

How to better design learning spaces, engage with Virtual Reality, do more with data, move from local to global, learn with social media, evoke more caring learners…and so much more.

Click here for our full list of extended sessions and here for our PreConference experience.

International School of Luxembourg (ISL)

The American School in Japan (ASIJ)

Started in 2007 by international school teachers in China, Learning2 is a global non-profit dedicated to creating and running professional learning opportunities run by international school teachers for international school teachers.

At Learning2, participants are expected to “be different,” “be social,” and “be a connector.”


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